Jun 302010

We had a fantastic time exploring the North Antrim coast last week. What an amazing location!

Here are a couple of shots of the Giant’s Causeway — one conventional, one a bit different. These are straight off the iPhone with no post processing or any other digital jiggery pokery applied.

I’ll post some shots from Northern Ireland and Scotland taken with a real camera once I get home.

Oct 152008

On a West Cork beach this Summer (during a brief respite in the soggy summer weather) I spotted this tiny piece of lustrous green glass worn perfectly smooth by the sea.


I couldn’t resist getting down on hands and knees and taking this snap – I love the juxtaposition of the manmade glass and the natural gravel. To give you a sense of scale the piece of glass is only about four or five millimetres across.

If you click to enlarge the image you’ll see what I think are salt crystals on the surface of the glass.