May 252010

I’m loving the iPhone. It’s an amazing piece of technology.

I use it all the time for looking up quick things online, to catch up with the feeds in my RSS reader, to make productive use of time spent waiting, to organise my calendar and to-do lists, to listen to music and podcasts.

Just occasionally I even use it as a phone ;-).

There are apps for practically everything under the sun… lots of them available for free from the app store. In the short time I’ve had the iPhone it’s become an indespensible tool that makes life easier in lots of different ways.

One thing I never really expected to be doing on the iPhone though was writing blog posts… but guess what… there’s an app for that!

WordPress for iPhone is an intuitive little app from the lovely people at It makes managing comments, responding to them and even creating and editing posts and pages easy, any time, anywhere.

I’ve only just installed it but so far so good.

Update: There’s also a WordPress for Android, for those of you using Android smartphones.

May 182010
Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

My mobile is banjaxed.

If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I’ve been wrestling with the decision of whether to get an iPhone 3Gs or an HTC Desire Android handset. I asked the question on Twitter and, predictably, I got a flood of recommendations both ways.

Both phones have a similar price tag, on pretty much the same mobile tariffs on the Irish networks that carry them both, and by and large, for what I need, both will do the same job.

My inner geek was screaming “Android” – because there’s a part of me that loves the open ethos of the Android operating system and rails against the closed corporate policies of Apple Inc.

Then again, there’s another part of me that values the polished sleekness of the iPhone’s design, and the absolutely top-notch user interface of the iPhoneOS. Both phones were was neck and neck in terms of recommendations: most of my techie contacts and friends recommended the Android phone, while non-techie business connections and friends came in firmly behind the iPhone.

In the end I think it was the maturity of Apple’s app-store compared to the Android marketplace that swung me towards the iPhone. There seem to be issues with buying apps from the Android Marketplace in Ireland – something that I guess curtails the scope of Android devices, at least in the short term.

So I’ve gone for the iPhone on Vodafone, and will be picking it up in Clonakilty on Thursday.

Ultimately there was little separating the two devices, and to be honest even with the app-store thing I can’t really put my finger on why exactly I chose the iPhone over the HTC. It was more of a gut feeling, an instinct, than anything else. Getting the iPhone just feels “right” for some reason.

Whether it turns out to be the right decision, I guess time will tell.

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Jan 192010
A cheesy iphone Ad made by Me.

Image by twenty5pics via Flickr

I don’t own an iPhone… partly because I don’t use my phone enough to warrant paying inflated monthly contracts, but mostly because I don’t like Apple’s restrictive business practice of tying customers to a particular network provider and locking them in to proprietary software and services. But the January sales are starting to change my mind.

Wherever you go in town during the sales you’ll find a particular breed of sorrowful creature: laden with carrier bags, wandering aimlessly outside fitting rooms, trying desperately not to look like a pervert in the lingerie department, and generally milling about on a never-ending quest for non-existent seating.

I’m talking, of course, about the long-suffering shopping-husband… a cross between an over-laden pack mule and a rabbit caught in headlights.

These people are usually so far outside their comfort zone that you’d expect them to be in a constant state of panic. They’re not, because the edge of that panic is dulled by the mind-numbing monotony of trotting from shop-to-shop behind a credit-card wielding spouse. That, and the preoccupation of juggling an ever-growing mountain of shopping bags, combined with the mental anguish of totting up next month’s credit card bill.

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