Jun 302010

We had a fantastic time exploring the North Antrim coast last week. What an amazing location!

Here are a couple of shots of the Giant’s Causeway — one conventional, one a bit different. These are straight off the iPhone with no post processing or any other digital jiggery pokery applied.

I’ll post some shots from Northern Ireland and Scotland taken with a real camera once I get home.

Apr 232009

Morrocan sweet mint tea, anyone?

Morocco… what can I say? Culture shock doesn’t even come close.

After a week in Spain we were all looking forward to our stay in Morocco-something a bit different, something to challenge our preconceived notion of the world and open the children’s eyes to a completely new cultural experience.

Reading about other countries in books or seeing them on the telly is all well and good… but there’s nothing quite like visiting somewhere for yourself to highlight that, despite the steadfast march of globalisation, the world isn’t the homogenised melting-pot of western values we all too often assume.

That diversity is a good thing-but when you’re travelling with children (notice we’re “travelling” now… our “holiday” ended when we left Spain) it can be a challenge to say the least.

Our first taste of Morocco wasn’t a pleasant one. After taking a taxi from the Spanish port of Ceuta to the Moroccan border we crossed on foot. Walking through a long, desolate no-man’s-land of concrete and razor wire I started to wonder what on earth we were doing. Continue reading »

Jul 232008

Published in the WOW! supplement of the Evening Echo

For the umpteenth time this trip I found myself wishing I’d bought a GPS navigation system before leaving Cork. No more wrong turns, no more uncertainty, no more doubt, no more trying to decipher ineligible foreign road-signs through rainy windscreens. As it was we’d taken the wrong turn onto the motorway from Tours and were heading for Paris instead of Le Mans.

This wouldn’t have been quite so bad if we’d realised our mistake straight away. But Murphy’s Law works just as well in France, so we naturally realised our error just after passing the last convenient exit to reach the right road. Forty minutes later another exit hove into view. We were miles out, but, loath to retrace our steps on the motorway we set off cross-country.

Here a GPS would have come in really handy, rapidly calculating a new route to get us to our destination as quickly as possible. But of course, if we’d had a GPS we never would have gone wrong in the first place. Seven hours later an exhausted Jones party rolled into Cherbourg.

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