Aug 062009
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I noticed last night that my RSS feeds had stopped working. Disaster!

Well, OK, not quite, but a problem nonetheless. Now solved by getting my web host to alter a technical behind-the-scenes whojamawhatsit.

If you suddenly stopped getting posts from this blog in your reader, apologies, everything should be working again now (if not please leave a comment below to let me  know).

And of course, if you fecked off unsubscribed in the meantime please, please, please re-subscribe by clicking on the big feed icon in the sidebar :-).

If you’re wondering what an RSS feed is check out this video, then subscribe to receive new content direct to your chosen reader:

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May 212009
Feeding Time
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Apologies to anyone who was subscribed to my RSS feed and stopped receiving posts in their feed reader recently — or who tried to subscribe from the link on the homepage and got an error :-(.

Big thanks you to Joe Scanlon who pointed out the problem last night. It’s sorted now — for those who care about the ins-and-outs of it all, the error was caused by an invalid CNAME record for the feed when FeedBurner switched to Google’s servers.

If you’re not sure what an RSS reader is, or how it could help you check this video out — and don’t forget to subscribe to this feed once you’re done watching ;-).

Anyway… everything seems to be working again now.

If you’re having problems picking up the feed please try re-subscribing using the link on the home page. If you still have problems please drop me a line and let me know.


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