Sep 292008

B&Q Performance Power Chipper/ShredderWho knew gardening could be this much fun?

While up in Cork last week I went to BQ Mahon Point to pick up a much-needed loppers. The trees and shrubs around our little patch of West Cork have been much neglected of late… it was time for some serious pruning.

On impulse I decided to pick up the Performance Power Chipper Shredder as well – it was only €121 and I figured composting the pruned branches and recycling the nutrients in the garden made far more sense than carting them by the trailer-load to Clonakilty for disposal.

Shredded branches ready for compostingFor €121 I wasn’t expecting much… but I have to say I’ve been gobsmacked by this compact little machine. It eagerly chomps up branches up to 3.5 cm thick, making short work of all but the thickest branches. Anything too thick to shred and put on the compost goes on the woodpile for firewood… so it’s a real “Win Win”. Zero waste… you’ve  got to love it.

The blades did get a little dull from the heavy-duty stuff I was throwing at it – but a quick rub with a sharpening stone had them operating perfectly again in no time.

What’s amazed me most of all is how it’s got me into the garden. I’m loving it – pruning and shredding away for hours, I don’t even notice the time passing. My wife reckons it’s because it has a plug… that means it’s a gadget… and fundamentally I’m a geek at heart. You know what… I think she’s right!