Feb 082010

I haven’t posted any photos for a while. Just going through some of my shots of a trip to Scotland during all the snow in January, and thought I’d post a couple of them up here to share.

View of Loch Rannoch

This is a willow tree outside our apartment looking out over Loch Rannoch… real winter wonderland stuff.

Schiehallion, Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire, Scotland

…and this is a shot of Schiehallion taken from the banks of Loch Rannoch early one morning. It was the only day we saw the mountain; for the rest of our trip it was shrouded with low cloud.

Jun 172009

A while back I agreed to write four weeks worth of content for a new Evening Echo section on careers and recruitment. Dubbed “Career Moves” this new section would run on a Monday, and would focus on jobs, employment, education, training and career development.

Two-and-a-half years later and Career Moves is still going strong, and I’m still penning the content.

A while back I figured that it would probably be a good idea to take all of the careers related content I’ve amassed for Career Moves and publish it online, making it accessible and searchable for a much wider audience. But I’ve been busy with other things (haven’t we all?), so it’s taken me a while to get around to it.

Finally I’ve started to populate the all new Career Moves blog with content. I’ll be augmenting the stuff I’ve written for the paper with other bits and pieces too – so be sure to subscribe to the Career Moves RSS feed or visit the site and sign up for e-mail updates in the sidebar.

The Career Moves blog is very much in its infancy and is a “work in progress” that I’ll be developing and evolving as time allows – so by all means let me have your feedback via the comments system on the site.

May 212009
Feeding Time
Image by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez via Flickr

Apologies to anyone who was subscribed to my RSS feed and stopped receiving posts in their feed reader recently — or who tried to subscribe from the link on the homepage and got an error :-(.

Big thanks you to Joe Scanlon who pointed out the problem last night. It’s sorted now — for those who care about the ins-and-outs of it all, the error was caused by an invalid CNAME record for the feed when FeedBurner switched to Google’s servers.

If you’re not sure what an RSS reader is, or how it could help you check this video out — and don’t forget to subscribe to this feed once you’re done watching ;-).

Anyway… everything seems to be working again now.

If you’re having problems picking up the feed please try re-subscribing using the link on the home page. If you still have problems please drop me a line and let me know.


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Feb 242009
Film poster for Push - Copyright 2007, Summit ...
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I’ve written about the Tuesday Push before.

It’s a great idea — and a wonderful way to harness the collective influence of passionate and motivated people. The fortnightly “push” is all about bringing truly worthwhile Irish companies and concepts to a much wider online audience, and is the brainchild of Irish Web Awards and Irish Blog Awards organiser  Damien Mulley, of Mulley Communications (Mulley, you have far too broad a web presence man… my mouse finger is worn out with all the linking).

The Tuesday Push isn’t about pimping a product or service for the sake of it, or about garnering links for search engine mojo — although it certainly won’t hurt in that regard. No, it’s about prompting individual bloggers to feature a company, product or service they genuinely believe in, and encouraging them to do so in a coordinated way that maximises impact and exposure.

There’s no compulsion, other than the desire to promote something genuinely outstanding, and everyone is free to decide whether to “push” the nominee or not in any given fortnight.

You can find more about the Tuesday Push on the associated blog, where you can  also request a “push” for your own company, product or service.

You’ll find Damien’s take on it here, and don’t forget to follow @TuesdayPush on Twitter to keep up to date.

You might also want to check out some of the previously featured recipients of the Tuesday Push. There are some great companies and great ideas there that are well worth following.

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