Aug 112009

So there I was on a remote West Cork headland, chucking a line into the water on the off-chance of picking up a couple of passing mackerel. On the nearby pebbly beach the rest of the family were waiting eagerly for the barbecue to heat up.

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Showing an insensitive, but I have to admit well founded lack of faith in my fishing prowess, our friends had brought along some fresh mackerel, just in case. We’d also packed a supply of emergency sausages, so we wouldn’t go hungry.

The fish weren’t biting, so I decided to switch the mackerel lures for a spinner and try my luck at that. As I turned I saw two people looking out to sea, obviously scouting the location for some reason.

One of them asked if I’d caught anything… which was fair enough. The other asked “Is your name Calvin?”

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Jul 292009

Grey Heron (Ardea cinera), Wildlife, Ireland

Shot from the car window in Union Hall. This fellow was feeding in the lagoon.

For such big birds (up to 1 metre in height with a wingspan pushing 2 metres) they’re incredibly nervous and skittish.

As I stopped and lowered the car window this one moved quickly away, and then took flight. This image is cropped from the full frame (handy having 12MP to play with).

The shot I’m really after is a perfect reflection of a hunting heron in glass-calm water… but it’s proving a tricky endeavour. In the meantime I quite like this shot.

Jul 062009

There seem to be fledgling robins (Erithacus rubecula) all over the garden at the moment… exceptionally cute, noisy and pretty easy to get close to.


Slowly getting used to my Nikon D90… which is turning out to be an absolutely superb camera!

My old (10 years +) 28-200 Sigma zoom from my film SLR days, which I used for this shot, gives me 300mm at the long end with the DX sensor on the D90 (1.5 x magnification factor).

Works reasonably well, but….

I’m already hankering over better glass – need a macro, a decent wide angle and of course a long, fast (=very expensive) super telephoto for wildlife stuff.

I knew heading down the DSLR route was a bad (and potentially very expensive) idea ;-).

Time to start saving….

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