May 042011

After much deliberation and procrastination I’ve finally set the Ireland’s Wildlife Website free into the wilds of cyberspace.


It’s still very early days, and it’s a bit thin on content (I’m working on it… so please bear with me), but I think there’s a great foundation to build an online wildlife hub and resource for everyone who’s interested in Ireland’s wildlife, the places they live, and the people who work with the,

Take a look, and let me have your feedback, thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

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Apr 062011

Screenshot of Web Content Consulting homepageQuick heads up that I’m using this blog mainly for personal writing / posts / rants etc. now, and posting business related topics over on my web content consulting business site.

Here are a few recent posts you might enjoy:

You’ll find plenty more good stuff over on the business blog. If you like what you see, please share it with your friends, colleagues and online connections, and don’t forget to stay tuned here for sundry bits and pieces on writing, wildlife and life in beautiful, if occasionally soggy West Cork.

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Feb 102009

Yay! This blog, and the SOHO Solo West Cork blog that I look after, have both made it to the Irish Blog Awards longlist.

I’m delighted… although a little curious that I’m in the “journalist” category. I’ve been accused of journalism (very) occasionally, but have never really considered myself a journalist, as such. I write about stuff that interests me… and I’m very lucky that sometimes people pay me ;-)… but you won’t find me actively hunting down the latest scoop, or unearthing some nefarious government scheme.

This post is very much a case of “Better Late than never”. I meant to post about it last week when the longlists were announced, but decided to migrate to a new operating system (I ditched Microsoft Windows Vista in favour of the Kubuntu variant of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution — but more on that in another post) which took more time than anticipated.

So I’m rushing this out just before the shortlists are announced. Whatever happens I’m over the moon to have made the longlist… twice.

Jun 172008

This week’s Career Moves is a bit interwebby, so I’ve posted it over on Digital Marketing Success instead of here.

It’s the first in a series of articles I’m doing for the Evening Echo on using the internet for market research when setting up/growing a small business.

Mar 242008

“Working it” column published in the Career Moves section of The Evening Echo on 24/03/2008

I’ve published this week’s Working It column — a review of the Internet Marketing seminar “Getting Results in Online Marketing” by Praxis Now — to my Digital Marketing blog, because the subject matter fits.

Jan 302008

Apologies to anyone who tried to subscribe to this blog’s feed recently. I changed my FeedBurner account a while back to use the MyBrand feature, which means the feed for the blog retains the domain. Something got screwed up in the process, and I only noticed that it wasn’t working properly last night.

It’s all sorted now though, so if you’ve been having any trouble subscribing to the feed, or if you were subscribed and noticed problems, please re-subscribe. Everything should be working normally now.

Again apologies for any inconvenience.



Mar 232007

Blogging as a business marketing tool is on the increase, and it’s easy to see why. It offers organisations an effective way to reveal a more personal side of their business to their customers, prospects, suppliers and staff.

The best Blogs are conversational in style, and encourage interaction through comment and discussion. Your blog will help your business to build a rapport with your target audience, and give you the opportunity to gain valuable insight into what makes them tick. They’re also a fantastic way to drive more traffic to your main website, highlight your expertise in a particular area, build brand awareness and position yourself as a market leader.

So where do you start?

Initially you could try setting up a hosted blog a service like Blogger WordPress or Typepad (Blogger and WordPress are free, while Typepad offers a 30 day free trial). You can have your blog up-and-running in minutes.

If you want more control over your blog, you may want to consider hosting it on your own webserver, and there is plenty of blogging software — both free open source options and commercial offerings — that let you do just that.

To test-drive some of the open source (as in free) options check out which lets you play with a huge variety of open source software to find out what works for you. You’ll find blogging software under “Blogs” in the CMS Demo menu on the left nav. I have this blog running on my web hosting account alongside my other websites CJ Writing, Image Invitations and It uses the free, open source WordPress blogging platform, which was an absolute doddle to install and use.

Whatever platform you choose to use for your business blog, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Update your blog regularly — unless you provide fresh, topical content both your readers and search engines will rapidly grow tired of your blog. Make blogging part of your daily or weekly routine.
  • Give your blog a focus — decide what your blog will be about, make it relevant to your business and to your readers, and make sure its a subject that you’re interested in, or even better, passionate about. That passion will shine through in your posts and you’ll attract more readers and more inward link that will help promote your blog’s search engine ranking.
  • Don’t make it too formal — unlike a lot of business writing, your blog should be personal, and written in a conversational style that connects with your readers. Steer clear of business or technical jargon, and try and write the way you’d speak to a friend. Blogging is about building up a rapport with your audience, and you won’t do that with formal, stuffy or overly verbose language.
  • Keep it varied — although your blog needs to have a particular focus, try and vary the topics you cover within that broader subject area. People don’t generally want to read about the same thing over and over again.
  • Have fun — if you enjoy writing your blog, chances are that people will enjoy reading it.

Blogs are becoming a serious and very effective business tool. If you have a business, and want to maximise the effectiveness of your online presence, you should seriously consider setting up your own blog.

If you need help with setting up a blog for your business, or with writing regular, entertaining, targeted blog posts to keep your readers coming back for more then get in touch.

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