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Right… time I started posting to this blog much more regularly and frequently again.

Over the last six months or so I’ve become pretty jaded with the whole online scene. The urge to share everything with the world through blogging and social media channels waned.

I’m not sure what it is really… I think I just reached saturation point, and needed to step back a bit. In the real world I’m a pretty private person, quite happy to spend long hours alone. I’ve always been that way.

I’m sociable, and enjoy spending time with friends, but I’m not good in crowds and tend to keep myself to myself. I’m just as happy on a remote headland somewhere, or in the middle of a forest, with only myself for company. I guess the whole “share-everything-with-everybody” culture of social media was always rubbing against the grain. It just took a while for me to realise it.

There wasn’t a conscious point where I decided to take the foot off the gas either. It was more of an organic, subconscious thing. I simply blogged less frequently, stopped sharing everything with the world and liberated myself from behind a keyboard / smartphone more often and for longer periods of time.

One of the catalysts, I’m sure, has been a motivation to get out more and re-engage with my number one passion… wildlife… since receiving my stellar 40th birthday present in November (huge thank you Sally Ann). It’s helped me to focus, in more ways than one.

So I’m going to be resurrecting this blog, the blog over on my writing business site, and my social media engagement in general to be much more focussed this year… blogging, tweeting and generally engaging about things that I really care about, and I feel others will find useful, rather than wittering inanely about anything and everything.

My goal for this year is to continue my work helping business clients with their online content strategy – helping them to attract targeted traffic and boost conversion through focussed, well thought out and well executed content – but also to return to writing editorial for web and print publications on topics that interest me.

I don’t question the value of social media… it offers tremendous opportunity for both businesses and individuals to engage in productive interaction and collaboration. I’m still using social media every day… I’m just going to be doing it in a more focussed and (I hope) more productive way.

What about you… is anyone else out there feeling the same way about blogging and social media? Do you ever feel jaded with constant online interaction? Have you taken steps to remedy that?

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  2 Responses to “New year’s resurrection… blogging and social media”

  1. I went through the same thought process last year, mainly in relation to Twitter. I blogged about my reasons for seriously cutting back on it as I was approaching my 2nd year anniversary on it. Like you I got jaded with it all. I’m quite happy now to daydream and gaze into space rather than constantly check my twitter stream. It’s how I get my best ideas. I still engage in online interaction, but not to the same extent I used to.

  2. I think it’s easy to forget how important downtime is. You have to stop occasionally, disengage and resist the insiduous urge to share absolutely everything. Social media is a fantastic resource, and undoubtedly has huge potential as a medium for engagement, building reputation, research, creating buzz, raising your profile and lots more besides. But it has a tendency to become all-consuming, at least it does when you work mostly online… and that, I’ve come to believe, is far from healthy.

    I’m much happier… if a little less “visible” (or perhaps because I’m a little less visible) since making a conscious decision to engage a bit less with the world at large, and to re-engage with myself.

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