Jul 212010

_DSC0993I’m delighted to report that earlier this week the Ireland’s Wildlife fan page I run on Facebook sailed passed the 1,000 fans (or “likes” to use the new Facebook terminology) milestone and continues to grow.

Even more exciting though is the fact that the level of engagement on the page seems to be increasing dramatically. More people who are interested in Irish nature and wildlife are submitting their photos, links and comments all the time. They’re answering each other’s questions, and establishing their own conversations on the page. Every day it feels less like an online destination and more like an online community, and that’s great to be a part of.

It’s also a reminder that I should plan some time to work on the accompanying irelandswildlife.com website ASAP. It is on the way… honest!

Meanwhile though, if you haven’t seen the Ireland’s Wildlife page on Facebook why not check it out? There are some great posts up there, and it would be wonderful to get your input and insight up there too.

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