May 262010

Our friend, Spanish photographer Alfredo Caliz has an exhibition of his work running in Barcelona at the moment, and has some of the photographs featured in Spain’s leading newspaper, El Pais, for which he’s shot countless assignments over the years.

One of the shots featured is this amazing image of Long Strand in West Cork – somewhere we visit with him and his family every summer when they’re over here. I’m sure Alfredo wouldn’t mind me sharing it with you here:


Photo Copyright © 2008 Alfredo Caliz, all rights reserved.

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  6 Responses to “Alfredo Caliz photograph of Long Strand, West Cork”

  1. I like this photograph because of the two stories I see in it: (1) the striking contrast between the black of the cloud with such implied threat and the bright light on the sand. I’m in there wondering whether the rain is about to swamp the joy. (2) the rush of the family to what I think is a bag, the collected energy focussed on one goal leaves me wondering whether they are really doing what they appear to be doing – afterall one bag, one person. It’s as if this story may have a piece missing – a space for my imagination to roam and even ask “if it possible that they are being chased from over the doon?”

    Thanks for sharing the photo. I see all rights are reserved. This brings me to a pet subject: why reserve all rights. If only I could display the photo on my blog, I could spread the image to others – but I know people’s default position is to reserve all rights. I changed all the rights on my Flickr snaps in the hope that there might be one person who’d take one of my images and run with it.

  2. Hi Paul… thanks for the comment. The photo works for so many reasons… some of which you’ve touched on very eloquently here.

    On the rights issue… it’s simply that this is Alfredo’s photograph, not mine, so reproduction rights are his to assign, not mine.

    With my marketing head on I can see the value of making content (photographs, words, illustrations, video, whatever) freely available for distribution across the web. But as a professional content creator I also see the value in retaining the rights to your work.

    It’s an interesting dilemma, one that I wrestle with quite often myself.

    Alfredo is a professional photographer who works for some of the world’s leading publications and has published a number of his own photography books. You’ll find that many pro photographers around the world, while choosing to making their work public online, also reserve the rights to those images.

    What do people think — would it be beneficial for professional photographers to make their work freely available for non-commercial use, or are they better off reserving all their rights and only allowing usage with explicit permission in each case?

  3. I’d love to have Roger Overall’s view on this, because I know he thinks a lot about how photographers can best show people their work. I’ll see if I can draw him in here.

  4. I notice, unsurprisingly, that Roger has a general copyright notice on his site, and suspect that he likes to stay in control of when and where his work is used.

    I think it makes sense for professional photographers to retain the rights to their work to a large degree. Would be interested to hear Rogers views on it though — and those of other professional photographers who happen to read this.

  5. I wish to get in contact withy the photographer Alfredo Caliz in regard to the project for an album “Romanian Visions”

    John a’Beckett
    Romanian Visions

  6. Hi John, I’ll pass your email address on to Alfredo.

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