May 252010

I’m loving the iPhone. It’s an amazing piece of technology.

I use it all the time for looking up quick things online, to catch up with the feeds in my RSS reader, to make productive use of time spent waiting, to organise my calendar and to-do lists, to listen to music and podcasts.

Just occasionally I even use it as a phone ;-).

There are apps for practically everything under the sun… lots of them available for free from the app store. In the short time I’ve had the iPhone it’s become an indespensible tool that makes life easier in lots of different ways.

One thing I never really expected to be doing on the iPhone though was writing blog posts… but guess what… there’s an app for that!

WordPress for iPhone is an intuitive little app from the lovely people at It makes managing comments, responding to them and even creating and editing posts and pages easy, any time, anywhere.

I’ve only just installed it but so far so good.

Update: There’s also a WordPress for Android, for those of you using Android smartphones.

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