Mar 312010

Every line of dialogue in this disturbing Barnardo’s film was written as a comment on a UK newspaper website about children.

Makes you think!

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  4 Responses to “Is this really our answer to problem children?”

  1. What a sickening video. Certain sections of our society seem to have totally lost touch with what is appropriate in our attitude’s and responsibilities to our young people.

  2. It is pretty disturbing, isn’t it — and a really tricky problem.

    These children need help, not vilification and victimisation, but you also have to feel for decent families who are literally terrified to go outside their front door for fear of being accosted by gangs of unruly youths.

    More money, more time, more education, more empathy, more understanding… society needs to invest more in all of these areas to turn things around.

  3. I agree with your list and I would also add investing in parents. The people making those comments need to remember that those kids biggest influencing factor in their formative years is their parents.

    The kids are a product of their family first, then the educations system and society influences. Putting the blame on kids is putting the blame in the wrong place. Their behaviour is just the symptom. To deal with these matters we need to deal with the source and not just focus on the symptoms.

  4. Absolutely, Ali, I agree that responsibility lies with parents first… and that unruly youths are a product of the families they grow up in.

    I’m also pretty sure that, by the time they have unruly teenagers on their hands, those same parents are at their wits end.

    They are unable (some are unwilling, but that’s another kettle of onions) to exercise any form of control, because they didn’t do the difficult ground work in the early years.

    Parenting is a tough job… perhaps the toughest out there…. but if you don’t put the hard graft in to establish solid foundations from the start things start to collapse as kids get older.

    But, as with the children, pointing accusatory fingers, threats of litigation and other punitive measures tend to be counter productive. Parents of unruly children (at least the ones who are genuinely trying to make a difference) need help, support and guidance as much as the kids themselves.

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