Mar 022010
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I discovered The Book Depository just before Christmas, and what a boon it proved to be.

Like most writers I love to read… in fact reading widely is an essential part of my job. I love shopping for books online, but I always begrudged paying inflated international shipping costs to get books delivered to Ireland from leading UK book retailers.

Enter The Book Depository… which offers great books at fantastic prices with FREE worldwide shipping. Fantastic… now I could order my books and have them sent direct to my door in Ireland without  paying inflated shipping costs.

I ordered a number of books for Christmas, at really great prices compared to standard booksellers rates, and they all arrived promptly in the post – no fuss, no bother and best of all… no additional cost!

From now on I’ll be buying most of my books from The Book Depository – if you’re a book lover I’d recommend that you check it out.

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  One Response to “The Book Depository… great books, free shipping, fantastic service”

  1. It’s my first time to order from Book Depository and I notice there is no contact no. just an email add. This is the reason why I have to do extra research about the website before pushing my order as I am scared it could be a spam site too as they say if there is no. tel. no. then it is likely bogus. But your own review is very helpful added with other people on the web. Thanks.

    I hope I will receive mine soon as I am also in ireland. Now, how soon is the SOON you were talking about? Did it follow really the 7-10 working days which means almost two weeks? I hope not as I am so in need of the books I ordered and I am hoping they will come sooner than later.

    Thanks for the share again and indeed if it is true, the site is awesome considering the price, delivery and more!

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