Aug 112009

So there I was on a remote West Cork headland, chucking a line into the water on the off-chance of picking up a couple of passing mackerel. On the nearby pebbly beach the rest of the family were waiting eagerly for the barbecue to heat up.

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Showing an insensitive, but I have to admit well founded lack of faith in my fishing prowess, our friends had brought along some fresh mackerel, just in case. We’d also packed a supply of emergency sausages, so we wouldn’t go hungry.

The fish weren’t biting, so I decided to switch the mackerel lures for a spinner and try my luck at that. As I turned I saw two people looking out to sea, obviously scouting the location for some reason.

One of them asked if I’d caught anything… which was fair enough. The other asked “Is your name Calvin?”

I was a little taken aback at being addressed by name by what appeared to be a complete stranger in a remote part of West Cork. It turns out this “stranger” was Cork Based commercial and wedding photographer Roger Overall, who I follow on Twitter, and who follows me. He’d recognised me from my Twitter profile pic, of all things.

We got chatting. Roger was out with landscape photographer @petercoxphoto scouting locations for a moonrise shoot they were planning later that evening.

After chatting with me and my Spanish photographer friend Alfredo Caliz for a little while they moved on to another location just along the coast, and we got back to the business at hand – sorting out the barbecue.

Here’s rather a fuzzy long distance crop of the two photographers in their chosen location a little way around the coast (Roger’s on the left).

Roger Overall and Peter Cox set up for their moonrise shoot

And here’s the rock I was fishing from… perhaps one of the last places I ever expected to be recognised via my participation in social media.

View of Rabbit Island, near Union Hall and Galley Head beyond

We had a great barbecue on the beach, but had to pack up and get the kids home to bed before the moon made an appearance… you can read more about that over on Roger’s blog.

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