Apr 202009

"Empire" -- a fantasy novel by Calvin Jones -- Map of Bantara

Earlier today I dug into the bowels of my hard drive and unearthed something that hasn’t seen the light of day for around eight years. My 155,000 word fantasy novel manuscript “Empire”.

Most of those words were eked out on the tiny keyboard of a Psion Series 3c palmtop computer while travelling through Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North and South America, in dodgy backpacker hostels, budget hotels and cheap cafés. There was no such thing as WiFi and netbooks!

I finished the book soon after moving to Ireland in 2000, and then life took over.

The twins — our first children — arrived around about the same time as our first mortgage, and mundane things like paying the bills took precedence. I’ve hardly peeked at “Empire” since… until now.

With a published non-fiction title on internet marketing under my belt now, I figure that this is a good time to resurrect my fiction-writing ambitions.

With that in mind I’m going to be writing to publishers and literary agents in Ireland and the UK over the coming weeks, and figured that I’d make a synopsis and the first two chapters of Empire available here for perusal / feedback / (constructive) comment.

So, you’ll find a brief synopsis of the book below, followed by a link to a PDF of the first two chapters. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’re an agent or publisher, and would like to see the full manuscript, just drop me a line.

Empire: a brief synopsis

Empire is a tale of heroes and assassins, tyrants and spies that unfolds against a backdrop of civil unrest and political intrigue and culminating in a showdown that will dictate the fate of the world’s greatest empire and her people.

Our heroin, Amber, has no real sense of belonging. Half elf, half human she is accepted by neither race and is plagued with questions about her true heritage. In her quest for answers she teams up with former spy turned mercenary Ryan de Brun and foreign nobleman-cum-master-thief Drew Blackthorn. The unlikely trio embark on a journey of adventure and discovery that will rock the mighty empire of Bantara to its very core.

Amber finds out she is really the daughter of Quailla, last Empress of Bantara’s Naraghorn Dynasty, and true heir to the Imperial throne. The current Emperor, a despotic tyrant called Chichoni, learns of her existence, and a massive imperial manhunt ensues.

Appalled by the treatment of the people of Bantara under Chichoni’s iron fist, Amber spearheads a revolt, capitalizing on the civil unrest to recruit a rebel army to the Naraghorn banner. Chichoni musters imperial forces to quash this fledgling rebellion, and at the walled city of Raystock on the Western Plains the two forces meet in a clash that will forge destinies.

Empire is epic in its scope, with intriguing characters, a narrative that leaves readers eager for more, and a storyline that’s crying out for a sequel… or three.

Read the first two chapters of Empire

To read the first two chapters of Empire, simply click on the link below to open up the pdf file,  or right-click and save the file to your computer.

Read the first two chapters of Empire (PDF File)

Publishers / Agents, if you’d like to see more just drop me a line.

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  3 Responses to “Published author seeks literary agent/publisher for fantasy novel”

  1. Publishing Fantasy is not easy as I have found out in the last two years of attempts. It does seem like publishers are only interested in celebraty biographies of books on how to do your house up and make a bundle.

    I wonder if you have looked at self publishing, I must admit that there are many vanity publishers who again just rip you off, but you are serious then look at UKUnpublished.

    They are a new company, but are centred around helping new Authors and published Authors who are finding it hard to get into print. They will let you lead on what you want your book to be like and I have found them the most accomodating company to date, which is why I chose to publish with them.

    Contact David Buttle at UKunpublished.co.uk, I think you will be suprised at how accomadating they are…I recomend them 100% Its worth an email.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your comment, and the recommendation.

    Everything you say about publishing fantasy is of course true, but I haven’t given up on finding a traditional publisher just yet. I have a non-fiction book under my belt already, and another in the pipeline… and I’m hoping that will help open some doors.

    It’s kind of a catch 22 — you can’t get a look in at the major publishing houses unless you go through an agent, but most agents are swamped with submissions and only take on a few new authors each year. Assuming the writing talent is there, it’s a numbers game, and unfortunately the numbers are stacked against the new author.

    I’ll keep trudging my way down the traditional path for now — but will keep the link to UKunpublished handy in case it turns out to be a cul-de-sac.

  3. I wish you the very best of luck, Yes its not easy, but you never know good things happen, let me know when you get published, I would love to read it. Take care … RJM>

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