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Merry Christmas Happy New Year

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I was reflecting recently on the Christmas and New Year break.

Over the holidays I took some time off, like lots of people, but as well as taking time off work, I also found myself paying little attention to the various blogs I look after (this one included). Family, friends, children and the like took precedence… which is only right and proper.

So why did I find myself feeling guilty for not blogging?

As I pondered this question I had to ask whether a line been crossed somewhere in my subconscious. When had blogging taken on such a level of gravity in my life. How could I possibly feel even the tiniest twinge of guilt for choosing to spend time with my family instead of posting stuff online?

It’s a fine line… and while it’s obviously important to keep a steady stream of content flowing on the blog(s) there are many, many things in life that are far more important.

Sometimes I look at the flood of posts from prolific Irish bloggers like Damien Mulley, Alexia Golez, and others in my feed reader and despair. Between work, family and other commitments I don’t have time to read all this stuff, let alone write my own.

But then I realised that it doesn’t really matter… not in the grand scheme of things. Different people have different priorities, are at different stages in their lives and are blogging under vastly different circumstances. A missed post here, a sparse week there… so what!

I enjoy writing the blog – that’s why I do it – but feeling guilty for not posting isn’t an acceptable part of the equation.

I purposely didn’t make a new year’s resolution this year… but in hindsight I think I probably will take up a belated one: I WILL NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR NOT BLOGGING!

In 2009 I’ll post here and elsewhere when I can, when I want to and as time allows… without any guilt, remorse or regret for failing to maintaining a punishing posting schedule.

What about you?

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  3 Responses to “Why should I feel guilty for not blogging?”

  1. Hi Calvin,

    As you pop up all over the place on my screen when you do anything online I felt *obliged* to comment.

    No really, it is a interesting point. If you are not disciplined you can be pulled for ever into engaging with something online (Twitter just makes it worse!)

    I just read an article by someone who suggested ’email holidays’. Don’t just stop looking at your inbox every few hours for a few weeks but actually set up an auto reply that says that any emails sent to you between certain dates will be deleted so could people email again after your holiday.

    This way you can be free of that ‘I’m missing something’ feeling because you are not. Tell people in advance too but make sure you really set the emails to go in the bin.

    I like this idea and maybe we could extend it to blogging free days/weeks or what have you.

    All bloggers have to weigh up the value of spending time on any project and what return they will get from the investment of their time and attention.

    Dust off and review your mission statement and good luck with the guilt free non blogging Calvin!

  2. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I don’t usually do the whole “guilt” thing — it was a curious thing… which is why I started a post about it, and then left it languishing in the drafts folder until I had time to post it.

    Think I’ll just play it by ear… don’t think there’s too much danger of me heading into cyber-meltdown just yet. I can walk away any time… really I can… I’m in control here… aren’t I?

    No guilt! Honest!

  3. I think you can catch guilt living here for a while. It must be in the water. :-)

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