Mar 082008

Wales did the business again at Croke Park today — a victory I savoured more than most as a Welshman living in the Emerald Isle.

I love Ireland, and can’t think of anywhere better to live than West Cork — but when the rugby’s on all bet’s are off! I may have an Irish wife, Irish daughters, live and work in Ireland, and root for Ireland when they’re playing anybody else… but when it comes to rugby you can take the Welshman out of Wales but…. well, you know the rest.

Ireland started brightly, but for most of the game there was really only one team  in it. The score line never really reflected the run of play, with the Welsh missing a number of chances that should have put them out of sight by mid-way through the second half, despite being down to 14 men for a full 20 minutes.

It’s back to the drawing board for Ireland, and Eddie O’Sullivan, who really doesn’t seem to have any answers. Maybe it’s time for him to stand aside. Considering this is supposed to be the best Irish side for generations it’s looking pretty desperate.

The triple crown, of course, is a bonus… the big result for Wales was beating the English right at the start of the Six Nations campaign.

You know the drill… as long as we beat the English… cue Stereophonics:

Roll on the French next weekend, and our Grand Slam! Well, would you bet against the boys in red?

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