Jul 112007

I just learnt that the Murnane & O’Shea website has finally gone live. I worked on the copy for the project as part of a production team that included Matt Mills of Axis Digital Media and John Prendergast of Aonach Consulting. Murnane & O’Shea are one of the leading building contractors in the south of Ireland, and this site helps to bring the Murnane & O’Shea brand bang up to date.

The Murnane & O’Shea Homepage

Originally I opted for a more conversational copy style, given that the main target audience was identified as residential buyers, particularly families. After seeing a draft the client felt that the style might detract from the professional image they were keen to portray. I didn’t agree with their assessment but could see why they might be reluctant to come across too “chatty” we finally struck a balance between the informal style that I prefer and the more formal style typically adopted by their construction industry competitors.

What do you think of the copy, and of the site in general? Do you feel a more conversational style would work better, or should it be more formal? Have we got the balance right? Let me know what you think by using the comment form.

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