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Have you ever had a great idea but struggled to put it into words?

Whether it’s a book about your life, a non-fiction book based on your area of expertise, that novel that’s lurking deep inside, or even a series of articles to help promote your business, a ghostwriter will take your ideas, anecdotes, facts and figures and craft them into a professionally written, publishable piece of work.

So what is a ghostwriter?

Simply, a ghostwriter is a writer hired to produce a piece of work on behalf of another person who’s name will appear on that work. Ghostwriters are used all the time — from writing celebrity “autobiographies” to business articles for magazines that busy executives don’t have the time or writing talent to produce for themselves.

A ghostwriter’s name doesn’t usually appear on the finished work — although there are exceptions. Where high-profile journalists have ghost-written a celebrity “autobiography”, for instance, you might see the journalist credited as a co-author in much smaller print.

How does it work?

Typically the client approaches the writer about a particular writing project — although this sometimes happens the other way around if a ghostwriter spots a particularly marketable opportunity. They agree a fee for the work based either on a flat fee for writing the work, a share of royalties from sale of the completed work or sometimes a combination of the two.

Then the client provides the information (interviews, anecdotes, thoughts and ideas, documentation, facts and figures, etc.) and the ghostwriter collates it all and writes the finished work. Depending on the terms of the agreement the ghostwriter may also work with the client to find a publisher for the work.

Online ghostwriting

Ghostwriting isn’t confined to the print media — there are also ghostwriters hard at work online, churning out content for other authors. It’s a way for busy people to raise their profile and keep their websites, blogs and newsletters full of interesting, informative and entertaining content without having to do it all themselves.

If you’re a an experienced and talented writer ghostwriting can be a great way to supplement your own writing. If you’re a busy person with a story to tell, then hiring a ghostwriter could be the answer to your problem.

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